March 7, 2016

Vietri sul Mare or Vietri on the Sea

Vietri sul Mare
Vietri sul Mare, on the Amalfi Coast

Vietri sul Mare is the first town of the famous Amalfi Coast (in Italian Costiera Amalfitana) in the Campania region of southern Italy. It is in the province of Salerno, just west of that city. Its name means Vietri on the sea.

The Amalfi Coast drive, leading to Positano (and Sorrento) over the famous, spectacular and dangerous road SS163, begins here. Therefore, Vietri sul Mare is a popular tourist destination.

Vietri sul Mare is called “The First Pearl of the Amalfi Coast". 

December 13, 2015

Cabo de Gata: desert in Europe

The Natural Park of Cabo de Gata is in the southeast corner of Spain, in the autonomous community of Andalusia. The Cabo de Gata is a wild, isolated landscape (although currently suffering the pressure of tourism) and is the only region in Europe with a truly desert climate.

Cabo de Gata
Reef of Cabo de Gata

October 26, 2015

Plaza de España (Spain's Square) in Seville

The Plaza de España (Spain's Square) was constructed in 1929 for the Latin American Exhibition of Seville. The great architectural complex of the Plaza de España is located in the Maria Luisa Park, near the Guadalquivir River. The semi-elliptical complex is built in brick, decorated with ceramics, and flanked by two Baroque towers.

Spain's Square in Seville
Plaza de España (Spain's Square) in Seville

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