Plaza de España (Spain's Square) in Seville

The Plaza de España (Spain's Square) was constructed in 1929 for the Latin American Exhibition of Seville. The great architectural complex of the Plaza de España is located in the Maria Luisa Park, near the Guadalquivir River. The semi-elliptical complex is built in brick, decorated with ceramics, and flanked by two Baroque towers.

Spain's Square in Seville
Plaza de España (Spain's Square) in Seville

On the inner walls of the square, a number of ceramic benchs represent the peninsular Spanish provinces (plus the archipelagos Balearic and Canary Islands).

The square has a central fountain and a canal crossed by four bridges.

Plaza de España
Boat in Spain's Square
The Plaza de España is one of the main tourist attractions of Seville and has been the scene of a lot of films. In Lawrence of Arabia, the square was the British Army headquarters in Cairo, in The Dictator (2012) was the presidential palace in an imaginary North African republic, and in Star Wars represented the imaginary planet Naboo.

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